LIUNA Canadian Tri‐Fund Pilots a Preferred Purchase Program with Everlast Sports Nutrition

Supporting the Health & Wellness of LIUNA Members and their Families.

Excess pounds do more than increase your weight – they increase the risk of major health problems. That is why the LIUNA Canadian Tri-Fund has partnered with Everlast Sports Nutrition to support weight loss and wellness goals with an exclusive offer on EVERLAST LEAN – a proven weight management system for women.

Now, LIUNA members and their families can order the Everlast LEAN System for the
special offer price $49.99 – a 40% saving (regular $82.99 CDN).

Everlast LEAN is a simple, 2-step system for daily use. Step 1 is an easy-to-drink vanilla chai breakfast beverage powder mix. It features Fabuless®, a patented, natural plant oil blend that curbs appetite so effectively that scientific trial subjects reduced caloric intake up to 30%. Step 2 is a metabolism boost tablet featuring the patented ingredient Teavigo®, a natural green tea extract scientifically proven to support the body’s metabolism. LEAN also includes a full vitamin and mineral blend designed for women.

LIUNA members may also access “Fun. Fit. Fierce.” by Everlast Sports Nutrition. A complete source of healthy content from nutritious and easy recipes to workout ideas and fitness tips. No flashy claims –   just clinically proven products and simple fitness and nutrition tips from a trusted source –

For more information or to request a LIUNA LEAN offer code click here.


We believe that wellness is about lifestyle commitment and not just products. We don’t promise shortcuts, quick fixes or magic ingredients. We make effective products that fit easily into an overall health and wellness lifestyle.

We believe that good science matters. We do our homework and find the very best made in North America ingredients backed by clinical studies. We want you to see real results and achieve them safely.

We believe that simpler is better. A lot of companies want to make health and nutrition choices complicated so they can sell more products, systems, and books. Not us, we work with expert trainers who see real people working towards their goals every day. So we know that keeping it simple really works. Our products are uncomplicated and easy to use. No gimmicks or flashy claims. Just simple, clinically proven and safe solutions.

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