LiUNA Canadian Tri-Fund

Supporting Training Initiatives for our Members from Coast to Coast.

The LIUNA Canadian Tri-Fund works with LIUNA Locals and their Signatory Contractors across Canada to establish and develop comprehensive skills, apprenticeship, and health & safety training programs. The Canadian Tri-Fund also works with several safety agencies and certification bodies to update existing training curriculum.

The LIUNA Canadian Tri-Fund works cooperatively with each of LIUNA’s Training Centres across Canada to develop recruitment tools and strategies and build a strong network of training.

LIUNA Training Centres represent an important entry point for new members and apprentices that form the future workforce.

LIUNA Training Centres provide training in the sectors of Residential, Heavy, Civil, Pipeline, Railroad, Industrial, Commercial, Institutional, Energy and Mining construction.

LiUNA Training Fund

LiUNA Canadian Tri-Funds